Systems Integrations

As businesses evolve, so too do their organisational and systems complexities. As new systems, software, processes and workflows emerge to support and accelerate growth, many organisations find their data, insights and even teams becoming siloed and isolated; finding it difficult to share key business insights and value through disconnected systems that don’t easily communicate with each other.


As using a variety of systems and software applications to tackle an organisations growing needs cannot be avoided, smarter strategies and workflows aimed at connecting, consolidating and leveraging the value currently locked up in these disparate systems becomes increasingly more critical to success. 

At Mekong Big Data our enterprise integration experts help organisations achieve business objectives and maximize growth. Harnessing the power of your existing IT stack, with swift and seamless systems and applications integrations that are both fit for purpose and fit for the future.

To help our clients navigate what can often feel like a daunting and complex challenge, we offer a full turn key solution, designed from the ground up to deliver a fully managed service that tackles core business challenges without burdening organisational resource and personnel.

From aligning and defining desired business outcomes and KPIs, to establishing an agreed upon reference architecture and roadmap for implementation, to successful execution and delivery of a fully tested, documented and compliant business solution, that connects and liberates new value and business growth.

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Third party integrations can be challenging projects but our teams are ready to assist your business to get the most from your software packages and tech stack.

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