Predictive Analytics (Machine Learning)

Foresee where your month will end with sales, customers, failures and business outcomes. What gets seen ahead, gets optimized early.


‘Machines’ with the ability to ‘learn’ has worked wonders for modern businesses. From online products being recommended automatically to using preferences and customer behaviors to predict sales numbers and even develop new products.

Through the magic of mathematical algorithms and data the business world has increased machine learning capabilities across business functions and they are seeing great returns in driving profitability, operational excellence and risk mitigation.  Start today and unlock years of efficiency, optimization and increased profits.

Common Use Case

Customer Analytics:

identify customers at risk of churn for prevention, segment customers according to behaviors for contextual marketing, discover up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, identify high-value customers to increase revenue, and attribution analysis.

Customer Experience:

Personalize customer experience with right product recommendation at the right time to the right customer. Track and optimize customer experience based on desired outcomes.

Supply Chain Analytics

Forecast sales/demand to balance supply and minimize operation costs from inventory management, logistics and production waste.

Anomaly and Fraud Detection

Identify anomalous and fraud transactions to reduce costs and mitigate regulatory fines. Predict fault tolerance to optimize production and operation costs.

Risk Management

Integrate machine learning based intelligence to score customers at risk of loan default before approval.

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