Marketing Intelligence(MI)

Use data insights to save money on your marketing spend and increase ROI. Understand the customer from acquisition, activation, retention and maturation. Use automated marketing to provide leads in a predictable and low risk way.


Marketing Intelligence (MI) turns marketing from an art to a science. Our marketing intelligence systems capture new leads and prospects from the market with full automation allowing your in-house talent to close deals or deliver value to their customers.

MI allows organizations to better understand how marketing dollars directly relate to sales and therefore optimize for improved ROI. By analyzing and optimizing the sales funnel of your organization enormous amounts of value can be unlocked. MI begins with tracking and analyzing the behavior of customers and understanding how revenue is generated along the customer’s journey. empower knowledge workers to make timely business decisions.

Knowledge that Wins

Knowing the Market

Marketing Intelligence (MI) gives organizations a competitive edge. Allowing them to access more of the market, faster and cheaper than the competition. MI opens new levels of understanding of your markets and your customers. This then allows you to create better products that meet your customers’ desires. As this cycle continues you make better products and services than your competition and you get them to your customers faster and cheaper. This combination of effects produces an always improving model – meaning you win, always.

Knowing your Competition

MI tools can also be used to track and understand your competitors actions, campaigns and pricing. Using automated systems organizations can gather information from multiple external sources at one time and programmatically adjust your operations to provide a competitive advantage.


Marketing Spend Optimization

Marketing Spend Optimization is all about profit. We look at your entire marketing mix, distribution channels and points of acquisition and seek to improve results. When looking at your marketing activities we take into account:

  • Contribution of activity
  • Effectiveness of activity
  • ROI of activity
  • Media Saturation
  • Simulations & Spend Optimization Models
  • Funnel Optimization at multi-touch points

This information is combined with analysis of your organization’s digital marketing activities and tracking for optimization is created. We measure and optimize your digital marketing efforts to drive superior business results in:

  • Digital Media Effectiveness
  • Synergy Effects
  • Cross Effects
  • Social Media Conversion
  • Web Analytics

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