Data Compliance & Governance

Data can mean risks. The value from data is clear but we can be held back by compliance and governance fears. A mindset of Data Enablement over Data Governance helps organizations move forward. 


Giving Access & Maintaining Security

As fast as data opportunities increase in your business so do the regulations and compliance frameworks. Data and information give you a competitive edge and as a result can be prone to leaks and espionage. Correctly implemented systems and processes lock down information to the people that need it.

By identifying the data needs and roles at various levels of your organisation you can ensure maximum profit creation with minimum risks.

From Governance to Enablement

Governance is a vital aspect of controlling and managing information in your organization and yet many of our customers tell us that the process of managing and designing governance frameworks can be difficult. To make this easier we suggest thinking about the problem in the following ways:

  • Governance can’t be imposed – it’s an inclusive process that understands the people involved and their needs or concerns
  • It takes different skill sets in the different stages of the governance eco-system – not everyone needs to be a data scientist
  • A well thought out strategy that has senior buy in helps with governance as well as your general culture around information
  • The governance approach should balance the benefits it can create against the cost and time it will take to implement
  • Not all information in your organization needs to be governed

The Governance Process

A well designed and well managed governance process clearly defines how data and analytics work successfully towards generating business outcomes in an organization. Implementing governance can be challenging and requires careful assessment, choices and prioritization of the most valuable roles and activities within your organization and how they interact.

Governance is often thought of as a difficult concept to design and an even harder idea to implement. It’s easy to see that perspective as governance bridges the gaps left between disparate business functions, a range of different skills and experiences, and new versus old technology capabilities.

A Modern Approach

Data & information Governance allows an organization to better use data as an asset and to unlock its value. At Mekong Big Data we begin with organizational design in order to better understand decision rights, key design principles and activities as well as your data & analytic inventory.

Developing a comprehensive governance approach can be challenging and so at Mekong Big Data we try to keep it as simple as possible. The following four questions help us understand our clients needs:

As we begin working with this information, we can start to develop a framework for governance that details the roles, responsibilities and activities of the different stakeholders in the organization.

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