Business Intelligence

Are you getting insights from data? Intelligence is everywhere. Business intelligence brings it to your hands to makes critical decision making easier and evidence based.


Data without insights is like money without interest and nowadays it is common to hear ‘data is the new oil’ and ‘data is the new currency’.

Business Intelligence (BI) is about uncovering hidden value from your data that provides revenue growth and cost minimization opportunities while mitigating risks. Self-service BI removes a big burden of IT workloads and puts the data to the right hands — fast and securely — to discover opportunities at their convenience. It upgrades not only standard reporting but also unlocks actionable insights to empower knowledge workers to make timely business decisions.


User Adoption:

Friendly user interface, well-designed dashboard, and transformation management. We understand it’s not just great technologies, but people and processes that drive true adoption and digital transformation in the enterprise setting.    

Insights Discovery:

A large part of business intelligence is digging deeper and deeper into the data. We understand it’s about the ‘aha’ moment in the data that optimizes operations and business performance when acted on correctly and in a timely manner.    


Self-service BI: Get business insights from sales to marketing to operations right away at your fingertips and respond to market changes fast.  Easy to use, flexible, empowering tools to augment a gut-feeling decision.

Dashboard: You have heard it right “what gets measured, gets managed”. Monitor business performance remotely and ensure business health in check with a humanized and well developed dashboard.

Data Visualization: Put your business story to life that encourages actions. Simplify big data analytics with visual stories and easy-to-understand insights.

Notification: Get mission critical insights and alert in your email/chat so you don’t miss opportunities to act.

Mobile BI: Insights in your pocket is never been easier. Monitor your business anywhere anytime with a mobile phone.   

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