Our team is always growing and we are looking for new, talented and motivated people to join us to deliver high standard work to our clients and our products.

Working at Mekong Big Data

Working at Mekong Big Data means that you want to be the best at what you do. You will be passionate about delivering great work. You will love team work and be excited about delivering amazing results to our clients. 

The future of business is more and more relying on Data and Information to have competitive advantage, delight customers and develop winning products. Our clients rely on us to manage complex, mission critical projects for them so we need the best people to join us to deliver the best results.

We support our teams passionately and have a work culture that celebrates hard work but ensures that we have fun and enjoy the work that we do. You should be passionate, excited to learn and hardworking if you want to successfully apply to work with Mekong Big Data. Check out our open positions below or get in touch using the form below or by emailing directly to

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